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mommy. wife. teacher. yogini. writer. coffee drinker. aunt. crocheter. reader. dog lover. scattered. methodical. rational. irrational. paranoid. annoyed. lost. found. content. searching. peaceful. i am constantly in search of my story. the one i have never happened. the one i've lived i cannot write.

04 September 2008


occasionally optimism escapes me.
occasionally i think of the way things were.
occasionally i am reminded of the way i thought things would be.
occasionally the green monster rams his head against my gut.
occasionally my heart breaks a little when i can't get to her fast enough.
occasionally i wonder how he still thinks i am beautiful.
occasionally guilt throws it's hands around my neck.
occasionally my anger is in control.

occasionally i am reminded.
occasionally i walk a little straighter.
occasionally hope breaks through and sends doubt scurrying away.
occasionally you'd never know.
occasionally she looks at it as if it's the most normal thing in the world.
occasionally he watches me with pride.
occasionally i take the extra step.
occasionally optimism returns.

occasionally i smile.
occasionally i cry.

always i pray.
always i give thanks.
always i look to her smile for inspiration.
always i look to his arms for strength.
always i love.
always my occasionallies keep me company.

go well.


Anonymous said...

Love it! Very powerful

Anonymous said...

Very Beautiful!

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