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mommy. wife. teacher. yogini. writer. coffee drinker. aunt. crocheter. reader. dog lover. scattered. methodical. rational. irrational. paranoid. annoyed. lost. found. content. searching. peaceful. i am constantly in search of my story. the one i have never happened. the one i've lived i cannot write.

14 May 2009

part 2.

chapter 1.
chapter 2.
chapter 3.
chapter 4.
chapter 5.
chapter 6.
chapter 7.
chapter 8.
chapter 9.
chapter 10.
chapter 11.

"most human beings have an absolute and infinite capacity for taking things for granted." - aldous huxley

i learned
all too quickly
what i had taken for granted
up until that point.

my home. a home i would never sleep in again. a home i would never cook a meal in again. a home i would never bring my new baby to. a home i would never get to tend a garden around again. a home to my dogs. a home to my husband. a home to me.

being able to squat
or balance on my right leg

using the toilet
taking a shower
riding the motorcycle
going to restaurants
playing with my dogs
making love to my husband
sleeping in the same bed as my husband
sleeping in my own bed
living without pain
living with a clear mind

a life without scars.

but without them
without the scars
i suppose i would still
just be taking it all for granted.

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