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25 January 2010

love list.

i'm all about making lists these days.
it tends to come with the new year.
it usually fizzles after a few short months.
i do enjoy a good list though
and as i was driving
two days ago
i started thinking about how much
we each change
from year to year
and how much we stay the same
and all kinds of other random
and as i was driving
i came up with my 'love list'.
it looks like this:
  • i love yoga.
  • i love oatmeal.
  • i very much love oatmeal with peanut butter.
  • i also very much love oatmeal with raspberries.
  • i love hearing 'mama' any time of day...yep, even 3 a.m.
  • i love running (who knew?)
  • i very much love my husband.
  • i love sitting at barnes and noble and making life plans with him.
  • i love sleep (and miss it).
  • i love chai at 10 p.m.
  • i love 'the office'.
  • i love netflix.
  • i [still] love 'seinfeld' at 11 p.m.
  • i love listening to dave.
  • i love that i found the potential in dave to pound out on my feet.
  • i love quiet.
  • i love yarn.
  • i love that i can start with a ball of string and create something.
  • i love watching my best good girl light up.
  • i love watching her run up and hug her daddy.
  • i love laying in her tent and looking up at the ceiling and pretending there are stars up there.
  • i love flip-flops and miss them very very much.
  • i love the tropics (and miss those very very much too).
  • i love routine.
  • i love consistency.
  • i love that i get to be an aunt.
  • i love books.
  • i love them best when they are thick and laden with words.
  • i love not having cable.
  • i love NPR (this is what spurred this on...i was listening to it when i thought to myself, 'i love NPR', and then began to process all the little idiosyncrasies that i love and that make me me).
  • i love iowa public television.
  • i love 'sesame street'.
  • i love chocolate granola (even if it doesn't love my thighs...)
  • i love office supplies (notebooks, different colored pens, name it)
  • i love yarn bags.
  • i love writing.
  • i love date night.
  • i love summer and fall (but not so much winter and spring).
  • i love twinkling lights.
  • i love getting my hair cut.
  • i love the white dress i wore in hawaii.
  • i love my dogs.
  • i love my man.
  • i love my girl.
and on dreary days such as these
i have to remember to stash this in my back pocket
so that i can drown out
all of those things i don't love.

what's on your love list?

go well.

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