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15 September 2010


i think know
with 88% assurance
that this offended people
and quite possibly hurt feelings.

and this devastates me
because even though i am a bad friend
i (like to) think i have a good heart.

as is often the case with my words
(although i am usually much better with the written word)
that my message was misinterpreted by some.

the 'bad friend' post
came out of many conversations
that have been held
between myself
and other women
about how each of us are
bad friends.

we are bad friends because we don't make daily phone calls to one another
because our phones have been flushed, left at work or simply turned off.
we are bad friends because as much as we would like to make casseroles for momentous occasions
we are too tired (or busy) to make ourselves casseroles.
we are bad friends because as much as we want to check in on one another and share in our joys and griefs and hardships and wins
we are too busy celebrating our own (minor) successes like potty training, sleeping through the night, making it through the day.

we are bad friends because at the end of the day
my husband
my girl
come first.

it's not that we don't want to be good friends
it's just that our circumstances somehow prevent us from being that
and perhaps indeed
those circumstances are incredibly and unapologetically

so i am sorry
for those who took offense
and even more sorry
for feelings i may have had a hand in hurting.
the previous post had absolutely nothing to do with anyone
but me;
this space in the wires is reserved for my own growth
through words
and i have only ever intended it for good.

i sincerely hope that elbert was right:

"Never explain -- your friends do not need it and your enemies will not believe you anyway."
~ elbert hubbard

so be you a 'good' friend
a new friend
an old friend
a sometimes friend
or one of my beloved 'bad' friends...

go well.

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