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08 February 2011

brain vacation.

we all need them
a break from reality.
they come in many forms;

a trip to the bookstore
a quiet moment hidden in the aisles between skeins of yarn
a jog on the trail with the music blasting in your ears
a trip to hawaii
a nap

but sometimes
these breaks in reality aren't easy to take
and sometimes we have to create our own
brain vacations
just to get through the day.

and that is exactly what i'm doing.

lots of times
when complete breaks from reality are hard to come by
i like to make lists;
to do lists
grocery lists
wish lists
activity lists
it's a quirk, i admit
but it works for me.

and today
i'm making my
'to take on my real vacation' list.

here's what i've come up with so far...
(bear in mind, the flight to oahu is an all day event.)

in my carry on, i will bring:

- my kindle complete with a library of books i've been waiting to read.  including:

(p.s. - while it may be a sin, i have fallen in love with my kindle.  it goes everywhere with me.)

- yarn will be essential; perhaps to work on a baby blanket for bethany or some other fun, light project.

- and since i'm bringing yarn, i will have to bring my hooks.
- my iPod, loaded with music to set the mood for our trip west; mraz, iz, dave, jack, bob and ziggy.  and perhaps a few podcasts to get me through the trip.
- my phone.  because it will just be there.
- pictures of my girl (because i will miss her desperately and worry about her all week).


- a sweater (because airplanes make me cold).
- our canon D10 because we are big dorks and like to take pictures from the airplane windows.
- gum  (for all that ear popping).
- something to eat!

oh sigh.
i do so love a good brain vacation.

how do you take mental breaks?

"No matter how much pressure you feel at work, if you could find ways to relax for at least five minutes every hour, you'd be more productive." ~ Dr. Joyce Brothers

go well.

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