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16 February 2011

a recent study on ears and the outdoors.

i have been very dismayed with the fact
that my girl
has a hearing problem.

at least that was what i told myself
because surely my kid doesn't have a listening problem.

we have entered the phase i feared
(and have been in complete denial about):

the infamous 'two's'.

last week
upon picking charlie up for school
her teachers informed me that charlie had recently
been struggling with listening and following directions.
we agreed that this was not a matter of comprehending what was said to her;
the kid has incredible receptive language skills.
it must be peer pressure.
charlie is one of the oldest kids in her class
so this must surely be a case of 'following the crowd'.

but i knew it wasn't.
she had begun to demonstrate the same behaviors at home;
the inattentiveness to conversation
the onset of profound deafness when we called her name
(and called it again...and again...and again)
and even the defiance she demonstrated when we told her to do something
("come on, bug.  pick up the wrapper.  pick up the wrapper.  PICK UP THE GODFORSAKEN WRAPPER.")

last night i decided to take a trip down memory lane
to a time when my child responded to me and her daddy
to a time when 'a-ha' moments were abundant
to a time when it seemed her little brain was absorbing everything
to a time when i didn't feel my right eye twitching at the mere thought of going to the grocery store with her.

and what i quickly came to realize in looking through all of the images
was that in the last two months
we have had way to much of this:

and not enough of this:

with spring in the air
and the snow disappearing
it is time for us to turn off the tube
and tune in outside
(and hopefully find our listening ears in the process).

i'm already fantasizing about backyard pool parties...

go well.


Hedlund Family said...

I am SO right there with you!!!

Shelley said...

Based on personal experience and informal polls of fellow moms I've determined the "terrible 2s" end roughly at age 5. My sweet boy who wants to please his mommy returned right around his 5th birthday. He rarely throws fits when he doesn't get his way and keeps his room spotless without being told. I'm loving 5. Lucy's right there with Charlie though. She has secured her spot as the baby of the family because I'm not sure I could survive this phase again.

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