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01 February 2011

obsession OR what do you do to pass the time...


as everyone is gearing up for the storm of the century
i am preoccupying myself with thoughts of sandy beaches far away.

(don't get me wrong
i rolled into my local grocery store along with all the other crazies last night
and stocked up on all the essentials:
almond butter

but what has really been on my mind as of late
are the tropics.

this year
marks 'ten' for us

and we have sworn that we will venture to the pacific once again
(when you don't take a honeymoon immediately following your wedding
you can justify just about any vacation from there on out.)

and with our taxes wrapping up
and all of our penny pinching paying off
i keep thinking about this...
up up up.

first moments on the shore.

wish i was there...


it has gotten to the point
that i can close my eyes on the treadmill
and feel the blue sky surround me.
that i am making mental lists about 
what will go in my carry on.
that i have mapped our trip from the airport
to whole foods
to the moana
to the beach
to the bed
where will we crash 
and wait for early dawn
and set out.

i can taste the fresh bananas at the starbucks around the corner.
i can feel the pavement of the walkway along waikiki under my foot.
i can see the swells carrying surfers to the sand.
i can feel the wind in my hair as we drive without the top on
under the canopy of trees overhead.
i can feel my calves pull as i climb the stairs to the top of diamond head.

and so
i pound my treadmill in anticipation
i make mental notes of shoes i want to take with me hiking
i put together my reading list
i stockpile yarn for the plane
and i wait for the pacific sun
to pull me west again.

how are you staying warm this winter?

go well.

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