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17 February 2011

wish list.

i am a planner.
this is not something i recognized in myself until my adult years
and especially into my parenthood years.
i want to be spontaneous in my actions
i want to be frivolous
i want to be off the wall
i am a planner.
and i'm learning to embrace that.

so it shouldn't surprise me
(or my husband
or anyone else who knows me well)
to discover that i am already planning my summer vacation;
i've already determined what is going in my carry-on luggage.
more recently i've been giving thought
to what i need want to get prior to our departure for the islands.
so in case you're looking for gift ideas
(because i'm sure so many of you have been giving lots of thought
to what kind of random gift you can get for a random girl at a random time)
here are a few things to consider:

don't let the packaging fool you;
this is crack in the form of a nut butter
and is my most favorite thing to eat right now.
i especially love that they come in these little packs
that fit so nicely in the front pocket of my purse.
and they go on everything;
my finger
oh yes.  these bad boys are coming to the islands with me.
and i may even splurge and get the chocolate hazelnut and chocolate almond to go with the maple.

my yoga studio just started selling these
and i'm thinking it is the perfect solution
for yoga on the go
(because i have no intention
of carrying my mat with me across the ocean
despite my love of yoga.)
and if i get the sox
i will need the gloves...

i have been dying to try these since our first trip to the islands
since then
i've seen blogs littered with them
and i'd love to give them a shot.
in my mind
this is the ultimate fix for me
a barefoot girl at heart
with a desire to see the world
white dress.

this will mark our tenth anniversary together
and so
we decided we should do
what we should have done ten years ago
and get married (again) on the beach
for us
not for anyone else.

and i want a white dress.
a long one.
with a plunging neck line
and a plunging back
made of something soft
that blows in the wind
and looks spectacular against the water.

hats, headbands and scarves.

at one point
i had thought it best to grow my hair out for hawaii
so that when i exited the big pond
i could toss my locks around and let them dry in the tropical breeze.
three weeks ago
after spending a mere two minutes on my hair
the thought of growing it out seemed silly
so i got it cut
and started hunting for floppy hats
and headwraps
to keep it from resembling that of a pubescent boy
when it dries in the pacific sun.

an extra large thermal tote.

one thing we learned from our last trip
was that we spent a lot of time on the road
and combing beaches
and there are not a lot of places to stop and grab a bite
(although thank goodness for the starbucks 
located on the east side of oahu).
since one of the first things we plan to do
upon arriving on the island is head to whole foods
and stock up for the week
i intend to bring with us an extra large thermal tote
to pack each day and toss in the jeep.

new clothes.

because going on vacation is always a good reason to shop.
and quite frankly
i'm utterly bored with everything i own.
perhaps its the change in seasons
perhaps its a change in taste
but whatever the reason
i know i need something different
something 'me'
and i'm not picky;
consignment will do.

what would you take to the tropics?
what would be on your 'wish list'?

go out and get it.
and go well.

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