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20 March 2011

adventures in veggie-ism.

i am a newly converted vegetarian.

for about six weeks now
i have been a practicing vegetarianism.
this was something i had always been interested in
and not completely opposed to
but i rationalized that it was not possible.
i mean
an iowa girl
living in the heartland
surrounded by meat lovers
(one of which happens to be my husband)
and society shoving animals on me from every direction.

vegetarianism was surely not in the cards for me.

so it was a surprise
when after a week of meatless meals
i came to the realization that i could
be a practicing vegetarian
that i really didn't miss it
at all.

i stumbled into all of this
kind of by accident.
i had signed up for weight watchers*
over a year ago
and while it has kept me in check
i'm no 'success' story.
i began looking for alternatives in my diet.

it started small...
tofu tuesdays after yoga.
veggie soup and salad in place of ham sandwiches.
boca burgers on hamburger night.

and before long
i was stalking foodie blogs
with veggie recipes
(this one is my current favorite...)

six weeks later...

here i sit.
a converted vegetarian.
and living with a carnivorous guy
it has proven tricky
but we're making it work
with only a slight increase to our grocery bills
and a lot of creativity at supper time.

and while there's a lot more to it
than just eating lettuce
that at some point i look forward to getting into
i gotta say...

i love it.

go well.

*weight watchers does not promote vegetarianism; this is a lifestyle that worked well for me and fit into my WW plan.

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