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23 March 2011

three years.

at this moment
three years ago today
an emt and a doctor
were setting my right leg for the first time.

at this moment
three years ago today
i whimpered
and wondered where my guy was.

at this moment
three years ago today
i took comfort
in the small pitter pats inside my abdomen.

each year is a little easier than the last.
each year brings a steadier gait.
each year i cry a little less.
each year i perseverate a little less.
each year i am all the more thankful.

* * *

three years ago today
my body
my outlook
my life
changed in ways
i had never anticipated.
i was given
a tragic gift
one that i now wear with pride on my right leg
one that rests in the palms of my guy's hands
one that resides in the smile of my girl.

i cherish this gift
but especially today.

three years ago today.


go well.

1 comment:

Hedlund Family said...

I love your phrase "tragic gift!" You said it perfectly...

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