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12 April 2011

om shanti.

as a follow up to yesterday's post on tapas
a quick reflection of my yogic experience last night.
bear in mind that walked into the studio
a little apprehensive
a little anxious
and (i won't lie)
still a little pissed
after my failure to to achieve handstand independently;
after my failure to tap into and use my tapas.

* * *

the day was beautiful.
the sun was out.
the sky was blue.
i walked in
unrolled my mat
and mentally prepared for warriors
and wheel poses.

after many warm up down dogs
and plank poses
we came to a seated position and prepared for practice.
and that was when our instructor began talking
about the fast pace of life
the 'instant-ness' that we have become accustomed to;
instant oatmeal
instant coffee
drive-through windows
debit cards
the constant motion we find ourselves in
day after day.

and so
she kidnapped our practice
and introduced us to
yoga nidra.

yoga nidra
or 'yogic sleep'
is part meditation
part relaxation
and altogether blissful.

we began by setting an intention
a seed which we could plant deep in the chakras
and nurture during the nidra
the difference between this intention
and others i have set in the past
is that it is set in the present
and it is set in a positive frame of mind;
instead of saying
'i will be at peace'
'i will not be restless'
you frame your intention in the present:
'i am at peace.'
(this was not my intention...i'm keeping that one squandered away in the dirt of my soul for the time being).

the nidra itself is very much like riding a soft wave
between wakefulness and dream;
the whole practice is meant to be one of consciousness
and as i drifted between awareness and
some place else
i became a quiet observer of my dream-like thoughts
and what they meant for me.

* * *

so why do i share this?

what i learned from the yoga nidra
was that we do in fact need to slow down
every so often
and pull those moments of peace into our chaos.
even today
as i quietly cursed the guy that pulled out in front of me
i paused
i reflected
and i thought
ride the wave.
let this ripple in the day carry you somewhere else.

i don't know where my peace will carry me.
but i'm fairly certain it will take me farther than my chaos.

go well.

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