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12 July 2011

love and maui'age.

i recently got married.
but in many ways
for the first time...

* * *

my guy actually proposed to me
while we were still in high school.
i was eighteen and folding clothes for a living
he was fresh out of boot camp and slinging cell phones across the way.

i remember the night he proposed to me...

he took me to a footbridge located
(in of all places)
the cemetery.
he had blindfolded me
and driven me all over town
in a [successful] effort to
get me lost.
once we arrived
he took me by the hand
led me to the bridge
and sat me down.

i remember him taking off my blindfold.
i remember the headlights of the nissan making the small ring shine.
i remember him on his knee.
i remember him shaking.
i remember saying 'yes'.

the first white dress i ever wore with him.
and so it was that while most girls my age
were rushing sororities
i was flipping through "Bride" magazine
trying to figure out how to get married.

looking back
i should have worried more about how to be married.

circa 2001.

ten years have passed since our carefully planned ceremony
with the flowers
the dress
the guests
the tuxes
the DJ
the meal
the cake
the family
the church

* * * *

after ten years
we've learned a lot about ourselves
as individuals
as a couple
as friends
as parents
as partners.

we are simple
both of us
we spend our date nights at barnes and noble
we hold hands as we follow our kid around the block
we call each other to the window when the sunset is particularly beautiful
we bang our heads to old journey songs
we can't wait to see each other at the end of the day
we encourage each other's passions
we savor each other's smiles

the last ten years have tested our vows
but we have held tight
for better
for worse
and it only seemed right
that we revisit those vows
that were drowned out by the flowers
the music
the candles
the dress
the guests
the hall
the centerpieces
and this time...

...this time they were ours
for us
and not even the waves
could drown them out.

he is my aloha.
he is my love.
and i can't wait to see what the next ten will bring.

E ka Haku, e kokua mai ia maua e ho'omana'o i ka
manawa a maua i launa mua ai,
a me ke aloha i komo i loko o maua.
E ola mau kela aloha
i na kau a kau.
Ke nonoi ha'aha'a nei maua i na hua'olelo'olu'olu
i piha i ke aloha
a no na pu'uwai makaukau mau e noi i ka huikala
a e huikala aku.
E ka Haku, ke waiho nei maua i ko maua male 'ana i loko
o kou lima.
go well.

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