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18 May 2011

33 days...

my brain is on baby overload.
with our impending decision upon us
a majority of my 'free' time
has been eaten up by 
adoption blogs
adoption agency options
pregnancy yoga
and to figure out how this new soul
will fit.

so i've made myself a promise.
no more obsessing about babies
until after my 
much needed
much anticipated
ten year anniversary vacation
to the tropics.

you may well remember this post
where i sorted through my wish list of items.
since then
i'm happy to announce
that i have nearly completed the list
(and perhaps added a thing or two to it.)
so let's recap...

in my suitcase will go...

my almond butter
and my honey peanut butter
and my chocolate hazelnut butter.
thank you justin
whoever you are.

my 'wedding' dress.
coming to me from thailand.
cannot wait for it to arrive.

my spanking new
ultra cool
super fresh 
my right leg is still adjusting to the whole 'minimalist' thing
but ultimately i think it will do me a world of good.
i've taken them for a few test runs
and do like them.
my guy wears his every day
and swears he'll never own another pair of shoes.

my yoga toesox.
watch out maui.
you're about to meet my downdog.

my fabulous
super soft
be.ology wraps.
quite possibly my most favorite thing to wear
right now.

i also took advantage of 
a local boutique's going out of business sale
and squandered away a couple of kick-ass OHM studio shirts
as well as a rockin' jade necklace
that i think will look awesome
against my fresh sunburntan.

now all that's left
is a good hat
some good books
good yarn
a few hooks
some new shorts (that fit)
and as many tank tops as i can shove into my bag.
i'm all set.
let's go.

go well.

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