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23 February 2012

38 weeks...on the brink of being four.

i have been putting off posting for awhile
because i had hoped to have updated photos to post
in addition to words
but time keeps slipping away
and i wanted to document
at least one more missive in this journey
that is nearing an end
with or without photos.
pictures will come
lots of them
so for now...

current gestation: 38 weeks today.
weight gain to date: as of this morning, 38 pounds.
complaints: okay, i get it now.  third trimester sucks.  the circumstances surrounding my first pregnancy were very different as i spent the last six weeks of that pregnancy in a seated position under the influence of many pain killers.  this time around, i am having to be a 'normal' pregnant chick, complete with full days of work, followed by chasing around a very independent and busy little girl followed by dinners and baths and bedtime stories.  and while i'm not complaining about any of that, i had no idea just how difficult it would be to juggle day to day business with a watermelon residing inside of me.  i am officially peeing every 30 minutes (and seem to be wasting a great deal of toilet paper in the process) due to sprout's decision to use my bladder as her own personal punching bag.  minor (albeit sporadic) contractions and cramping have only added to the fun.
non-complaints: i still love watching her dance across my abdomen and have recently taken a lot of joy in her choice to curl up in a ball and reside on the right side of my abdomen.  to the onlooker, it is a strange thing to see, but i love resting my hand on top of her backside and feel her respond by rocking back and forth.  i am so anxious to wrap that little backside up in a blanket and breathe it in.
activities: i've slowed down significantly, but am still taking advantage of the mild winter and enjoying trips to the trail with bug and dog in tow.  oz has really learned to love walking since sammy's passing and now sits by the garage door and whines anytime one of us walks out.  bug acquired a new balance bike from daddy over the weekend (a gift, he claims, was because she is to be a big sister) and insists on taking it for a spin daily.  so we have enjoyed the mild days and longer daylight and hit the trail several times in the last few weeks.  i've been mapping out in my mind how these outings will look with the addition of a jogging stroller to our entourage...
cravings:  i've been on a chocolate kick as a result of it being girl scout/valentine season.  this may have been what led to my demise yesterday (as i was sure i must be going into labor only to find that it was more likely extreme indigestion).  beyond that, my appetite is waning again with so little room to fit anything else.

this journey has been very different in comparison to the first;
no broken bones
a home of our own

but it has been it's own
and for that i am thankful.
i've been able to take the time to decorate a room
and work on a baby blanket
and enjoy the little gifts we've received from friends
and look forward to the evening show
when i know she will wake and perform internal sommersaults
and respond to her daddy's voice.

i've also gotten to enjoy
the anticipation that comes with being pregnant
but without the fear
since i feel i have a better understanding of what is to come
in the coming weeks.

sweet sprout
we are ready.
your bed is made
your clothes are washed
your blanket is nearly finished
with as much love and prayer
as i put into your big sister's stitches.

won't you come out and play?

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keely hunget knight said...

your words are so full of love, amy. i so enjoy reading them and find that often they mirror some of my own thoughts, this post made me emotional (which isn't too uncommon these days!). thanks for sharing.

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