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22 March 2009

march 22.

last year
this is where i was in life.


i read that passage off and on
and roll my eyes at myself.
i had no idea what i was in for the next day.
the very next day.

tomorrow will come.
just as it did last year.

until then...and just for fun...

current"gestation": charlie is 10 1/2 months does that happen!?
weight gain to date: no flipping clue. i gave up weighing myself shortly after charlie was born. i eat right, i work out and i feel very, very comfortable in my skin again...finally.
complaints: none - i am on spring break, married to an incredible man with a bug of a girl. our life is just as it should be.
non-complaints: charlie is crawling, i am running, bill is riding, the grass is greening...spring is poking it's nose into our corner of the prairie.
activities: as often as we can! my treadmill is currently being held hostage by the contractors finishing our basement, so i'm thankful for the warm weather that is allowing us to get out. our jogging stroller arrived (complete with ipod hook-up so that charlie can enjoy bob and dave with me), and so we've begun wearing our path down on the trail just outside our door. bill is riding again with the warmer weather and looking forward to some major trail riding as soon as possible. we'll soon fill the tires on the bikes and get those gears moving again soon. no longer will we be an idle family. we have learned the value of movement and mobility and plan to live it to the fullest.
cravings: we are grilling out as often as we can and taking advantage of the fresher mix of fruits and vegetables to be had! i won't lie, though...right now i'm all about the vitamuffins i found at target...i will forever love my chocolate.
baby-related news: too much to list in a short space. check our our family site pitterpats; i do my best to keep it updated.
non-baby related news: there's no such thing.

until tomorrow.
go well.


Anonymous said...

I think this is a great day for CHAPTER 10!!!! I am withdrawing here!!!! :)

Meg Hill said...

Just for the record... Whenever anyone gives me a hard time about the iPod shuffle my seven year-old takes to bed every night - I will point my finger in your direction... But she has an iPod setup in a stroller for her almost 1 year-old!!!! :) God bless technology!!!

Honestly - I just wish I had that back in the day!!!

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