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04 January 2011

the year of asanas: foot in mouth pose.

last year i approached the new year in terms of skeins
(a skein, in this instance, referring to loosely wound balls of yarn)
i felt i had so many random bits buried within me
that i needed to pull out
and create something whole
(no matter the color or weight)
i worked on it
on all of it
and had some successes
but there were definitely missed stitches as well.

this year
as i head full force into what lies ahead
i have decided to approach 2011 in terms of asanas
(asanas, in this instance, referring to yoga poses).

i decided to use the term
because of something my yoga teacher had challenged us with
a couple of months ago;
she asked us to come up with a goal pose
a pose we wanted to achieve at some point
and to make that our own intention for our practices
both in and out of the studio.

you see
a new year to me is not about resolutions;
that would require resolve
something i rarely have.

a new year inevitably brings with it
a chance to embrace change
and each of these attributes i find in my yoga practice.

so this year
i'm speaking in asanas.

foot in mouth pose or shutupasana.

who takes you seriously when you look like this?
we are all capable of this pose
in fact many if not all of us have practiced this pose on more than one occasion.
you may be familiar with the effects it has on you mentally 
rather than physically (although depending on your depth in the pose
you may have more physical side effects than some).

this is a pose i have found myself on more than one occasion
in the last month
in the last year
times when i have let my mouth
get ahead of my brain
and then at the end of the day
laid in bed
wide awake
stewing over what i had said
what i should have said
and when i should have just shut the hell up.

so my intention
for the new year
is to come out of this pose
to stop talking before i even begin
and instead listen
and then give myself plenty of time to form a response.

"I am burdened with what the Buddhists call the 'monkey mind' -- the thoughts that swing from limb to limb, stopping only to scratch themselves, spit and howl." ~Elizabeth Gilbert

what asanas are you working on this year?

go well.

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